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Banned after Karma Koin reload during dmt.

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I came back to my hotel room, restarted my computer and logged in for the miracle time event listed here.


I entered my karma koin code on the website, and it said i added the balance, but in game, it said i had no updated balance, so i hit refresh, entered cash shop, exited, logged in and out. Nothing. The nx wasnt added. After about 4 minutes passed of me sitting and waiting, checking the cash shop, it finally added. I guess it was just dmt lag. So i bought my bonus potential cube package, and started using them. Immediately after, I was disconnected with this message: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/148720708141187072/729335360085033040/unknown.png

I tried to log back in to resume cubing my equips with the cubes i just bought, and it took longer than usual to connect to the server. The client crashed, and I tried to log in again, but instead got this message full screen.

I did nothing in game but participate in the cash shop event listed above.I had only maplestory, discord, and firefox open, charging my account. I have sent in tickets for clarification and help, and have made zero progress. No one is looking into this, and I am getting more depressed over this. I recently reached a high mvp tier, and every day that I sit here falsely banned while afk, I lose out on what I paid for. Please, can someone connect me with someone that can help. I do not hack. I do not bot. I am legit. A simple and fair look into my account should have revealed this.I can provide any other information needed for investigatio. If I could speak to anyone, I would appreciate it, as it has been an entire week.



7/4/2020, 3:45pm Est
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