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  • Keishuo
    Hi, sorry to hear, did you manage to get any response from your false ban case? I’m in same position, and they closed all my tickets saying decision is final...
    July 2020
    • Sengara
    • Keishuo
      I got exact same response! Will you create new account?
    • Sengara
      I will not create a new account. Many of my friends are quitting too if they dont reverse the ban. I dont hack. I dont scam. I dont lie. I dont steal. I spend most of my time helping people out in the game that are my friends. I make my equipment from scratch, and help my friends with theirs. We dont like to buy from auction house too much, because of duped and illegit items. So we make and share everything on our own. But despite nearly 12 years of being a legit player, i am staring down a perma ban. I feel betrayed. Even worse, I got banned right after charging karma koin sitting in ardent. I was waiting for dmt. They have made no announcements. Havent even talked to me. Im on crappy hotel internet. I have to constantly reconnect every so hours, because they have a crappy gateway. maple, discord, and youtube music is all i can (barely) run on a connection like this. I wouldnt dream of risking my account like that. How can they do this to us? If i didnt purchase nx, are you telling me i wouldnt have gotten banned? How are you dealing with it? Im absolutely depressed. Living in a bad hotel because youre displaced from covid is one thing. Having your go-to game to distract you from it, suddenly ban you is salt in an open wound. Do you think i should make another ticket? or just give up? I have been playing for almost 12 years. I dont even have a 250 yet. Im also missing out on my mvp daily packages. my cubes are expiring. Im so sad. Compensation dmt for just reboot? They literally just ignored us. Glossed over us. Threw us away like trash with that last announcement. How long would it take to send one person to investigate our accounts? Tell us what the problem is?
    • Keishuo
      Thats quite a sad story, living in hotel due to the virus...
      Been playing for over 10 years myself, and wouldn't recommend messaging Customer Support as they would probably end up banning you from that too (like they did to me when I got no response after 6 days and decided to leave a message to get an update). It sucks to miss out on all the nice events going on now, sighh.

      There are plenty of other games out there, but still hope they lift the ban soon as MS is not just a game, its a great place to hang out with friends =(
  • LWayra
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