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Which is better, Tyrant Eqiups or Arcane?

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edited July 2020 in General Chat
So i'm debating to either get the full Arcane set or save some money and mix Arcane and Tyrant together, like ony using the Tyrant Cape and Shoe the rest will be Arcane.

Would that be stronger or weaker than getting the full Arcane set?


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Depends on how far you're taking their starforce enhancements. 17+ star arcane beats out tyrants by far.
  • JackBanditJackBandit
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    I would recommend arcane shoes, cape, gloves, shoulder, weapon; CRA hat, top, bottom.

    If you ever reach an end game point and get hold of a genesis weapon the 3 set CRA and 4 set arcane sets (with the genesis counting as a lucky weapon) are optimal for 60% extra boss damage.