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NGS Hacking false message

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This didn't happen in a while playing Maplestory, the last time was in another account that my pc was laggy but I was still trying to play, with the frozen screen doing skills and that account got banned permanently and I wasn't unbanned since then but the topic is another one
I got a NGS Hacking message after the game closed, that was false because I only have the browser open, I don't have any other programs opened, I had a Legion Expertise Lv. 3 buff and a Monster Park yellow potion and obviously if I enter again to the game those won't be there
Just saying that there's some times that you can get kicked out of the game for no reason for NGS Hacking or being caught by the GMS Police because the server has lag and you keep attacking even if the server has lag, and it's quite annoying being accused of something I didn't do
At least I think I wasn't banned, the NGS Hacking it's just a warning but I don't like it


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    I had it so far ones that I got kicked and got that message , it was because of hacking , I think that Nexon gameguard has some moments that it is not compatible with other programs u might have open on the time you are in the game . That the lag is another add to it is undoubtfully aswell true .
    If this ever get looked into nobody knows .