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A different grind spot for 190+

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edited July 20 in General Chat
Is there any other good grind spots besides Forsaken Excavation area?


  • iArrowZiArrowZ
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    edited July 20
    pretty much every map in that area of future perion is a grindable map its just that they require actually moving around more than a double jump lol.

    it really depends on the class.

    i actually prefer bigger maps cus im so sick of basically sitting in one spot on my main which is stuck at clp until 250..
  • Onions_KunOnions_Kun
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    If you don't mind farming in bigger maps, the Ancient golems nearby usually have maps with good burning.
    Scrapyard is also decent if your character is strong enough.
  • RaySummersRaySummers
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    Depending on your class, Fox Valley is a good alternative and pretty much always has 100% burning since no one ever goes there. But there are lots of platforms so you'd need to be a class that's highly mobile with attacks that have good vertical range.
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    if you have good gear you can go right away to scrapyard good exp rates there.
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Kritias. Fat 100% burning + Kritias exclusive 1.5x exp potion really makes it pretty good alternative when fes2 is full
  • YaylorYaylor
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    I know its an old post but scrapyard flight deck 1 (the map with all the repairroids) is excellent and only marginally slower then fes2 with no frenzy. It is always 100% burning there.