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New players are unable to do The Afterlands Quests

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in Bug Reporting
[The Afterlands] Town Beautification
This quest requires you to drop the Bleached Olive Trees, but newly made accounts are unable to drop items(even on reboot, wtf?), making this quest impossible to do in your first week of playtime, despite the fact that you can easily get to level 75 in the first day or two and start doing these quests the next day.


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    edited July 2020
    Thankfully that quest is not needed to complete the questline
  • GrindyBoiGrindyBoi
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    I was literally just about to make this post. Started doing The Afterlands cause my char can't mob to save his life and then got walled. Welp, back to banging my head against desert monsters.