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We are back! Elysium Server - Kingdom Heart Guild!

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Kingdom Heart Guild is back and slowly growing again. We are on the Elysium server... We are looking for more members to join our family! Every reset we do boss dailies with the guild and it would be great to have more members to join us. So if you are looking for one search up "KingdomHeart" :)
- We have a newly refreshed discord server <3
- We do giveaways and events <3
- We are a level 22 guild <3
- We are friendly and helpful to new members <3

Mickey: The Leader of the guild.
Org XIII : The Jr Leader of the guild.
Keyblade: Loyal members that are active and helpful.
Heartless: members in the guild for a few weeks now.
Followers: New amazing members.

Rules are simple
No Drama
No Hacking
Respect other members
Be somewhat active

We have a Alliance which is called "SquareEnix" with a mule guild in there if you would like to be Alliance and have any question contact me Thank you.
If you have any questions or concern you can contact me on my main ToraMaji <3