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Limited Face/Hair Coupon Selection??!?

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Hey. I'm pretty new to MapleStory since Pre-Big Bang (Early 2000s). I'm looking at the Face and Hair Coupons in the NX Shop and it only shows like 6-12 faces/hairstyles. I thought there were so many more? Can someone help me out? I think I may be missing something here.


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    Regular and VIP hair and face coupons were retired in the v211, back in January. They should have been removed from the game (refunded in maple points if you had any in your inventory at the time), and replaced with hair and face choice coupons, which have all the previous regular/VIP town-specific hairs consolidated into a single coupon.

    Royal styles are currently available, and are rotated every 2(?) weeks. Other event and special hair and face coupons are available though certain quests (such as the beauty salon tutorial), events (such as a recent maple relay event back in June), and special sales (such as the Pixel Picks coupons two weeks ago).