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[Blaster] Canceling Hammer Smash with Bobbing

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edited August 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill Use, Functionality

Brief bug summary: Delay for using charge skills after canceling Hammer Smash with Bobbing or Weaving

More details: Starting at 5:42, GMS YouPresent demonstrates canceling Hammer Smash with Bobbing/Weaving. The problem is that even if I'm holding down another charge skill after releasing Bobbing/Weaving and jumping, it will take a second to begin charging rather than charging immediately

Steps to reproduce: Hold down Hammer Smash and Bobbing or Weaving at the same time. Release Hammer Smash then release Bobbing or Weaving and press the jump button to cancel its animation (refer to video at 5:42 for demonstration and a better explanation). After pressing jump, hold down Bobbing, Weaving, or Hammer Smash. The skill will not begin charging until a second later.

Character name: mahoucon

Character level: 220

Character job: Blaster

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: Unsure how long it's been happening but has been around for at least 10 months, since October.