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Can't purchase NX.

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edited September 2020 in Account Billing Support
I'm trying to buy NX and can get up to the "submit your order" part, before you put in credit card info. The page gets stuck loading, with the loading circle going on indefinitely. I tried multiple browsers, and even tried with my girlfriend's computer. It happens every time. It's not my internet connection. It's not my browser. I cleared cookies and then tried multiple different browsers. And it's not an isolated glitch only happening to my PC, as I said I tried my girlfriend's PC too, and also tried my phone (and using a different internet connection).


  • 2rocketships2rocketships
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    Hey JK, I am also having the same issue. Unable to reload NX with credit card. It just sits and spins :(
  • AngeliumAngelium
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    i have a similar issue, i bought a Karma Koin card, and when i try to select the Karma koin payment method it starts the loacing circle but never ends.
    i tried different browsers, but the issue is similar.
    this is really frustrating as i've spent money and cannot use what i've bought.
    anyone else experiences similar issues or has any idea what i can do?
  • AlfadorAlfador
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    I cannot buy as well. Says "Restricted from buying". I was buying some days ago a lot. Now I can't?
  • ZennykinsZennykins
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    This sound like a weird issue indeed, i suggest contacting customer support at: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us