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5 Job Common Warrior Sklll Weapon Aura Causing DC

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edited September 2020 in Bug Reporting
I have been experiencing a huge number of disconnections over months doing various boss runs. Playing with my DemonSlayer every time I activate Weapon Aura
It's just a matter of time for me to be disconnected, whatever skill I use be it "Demon Awakening" , "Demon Impact" or just a normal dash.
If Weapon Aura is enabled it's almost a hundred percent sure that i'll be discounted in less than 30 seconds after activating it.

Not only my class I’ve heard several reports of this ability causing disconnections in other classes like Hayato, Hero, Blaster ,Aran etc.

And after starting to completely avoid using the Weapon Aura skill, there has been a considerable reduction in the number of disconnections, almost none during bosses.
I respectfully want to ask for a thorough investigation of this skill that has been causing problems in several classes for a long time.

Character name: Malphes

Character level:250

Character job: Demon Slayer

World name:Reboot
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