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Chair bags, Mounts and Android suggestions

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edited September 17 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
1) Two 40 chair bags were an amazing addition, but many chair collectors still need larger ones. We're constantly getting God tier level event ones and almost every gachapon rotation has a similar problem with a lot of amazing chairs coming in to replace our old ones. It's a sad state, but I've had to throw out so many decent untradeable event chairs just to fit better chairs.

I'll honestly take any chair bag that has more space than 40 slots, but I'd be very thankful if it was substantial such as two 128+ slotted ones.

2) Players who click on others information can see their equipment, chairs, titles and damage skins. Can you also make it so others can view mounts as well?

3) Could we add eye and earring slots to androids, so we can put more permanent NX on them as well?

Thank you <3!