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A "Better Maple" ideas & suggestions thread!

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Starting a "Better Maple" ideas & suggestions thread.
Please feel free to add some suggestions/ideas of game changes you would like to see, "Let's try to keep this positive" =D.

Some ideas I've been thinking about for quite some time:

-Add a way to remove "Summon Custom Kitty" & "Summon Custom Puppy" items from SET-UP tab.

(I don't want to bug support to do this, but currently these items are unable to be removed with any methods open to the player.)

-Adding an Interchangeable second set of inner abilities to all characters.

(With this change you would be capable of rolling two separate three line inner ability sets and swap between them on the fly, "No more choosing inner abilities strictly between bossing, grinding, or a mix...resulting in more depth and customization and less sacrifices!".)

-New name change coupon function that would allow players to swap names with two characters preexisting on his/her account.

(Self explanatory, who doesn't hate the feeling and risk associated with deleting the character with the name you want, only to then have that name scooped by someone else or worse stolen by a name bot before you can move that name to your main character lol <- "Sorry, this is really not funny as I know people who this has happened to.")

-"Not sure if this will come to pass, but I feel it is worth mentioning here." Please Nexon accept this suggestion and leave our double superior engraved Gollux pendant setups WITH our FULL Gollux set bonus WITH OUT the requirement for the superior engraved Gollux belt INTACT. I want to personally thank you for previously defending our superior Gollux set full bonus by physically adding a second superior engraved Gollux pendant to the superior Gollux set and I hope in your previous spirit, you will continue to defend our superior Gollux set the way it is and has been!

*For those unaware, I feel KMS made an over elaborate change to set bonuses, all over a debacle of Xenon's being able to equip two black hearts at once (The black heart is an item obtained from the damaged black heart drop from hard mode Lotus). I feel the easiest solution to that problem would have been to just change the black heart you obtain for turning in the damaged black heart "unique equipped". But alas they went further out of their way to make other changes and I ask myself why, please don't be greed. More money is just a release of level 200 emblems and secondaries away... So why mess with something that has already been long and well established and has been defended before?

-Adding an additional equipped, equipment tab that is interchangeable with the push of a button with your currently equipped, equipment main tab (for equipment hot swapping purposes) but with a twist... The equipment in the secondary equipped, equipment tab that you have actually equipped will swap positions with their corresponding same slot equipment from the equipped, equipment main tab. Empty secondary tab equipment slots will do nothing and leave your main equipped, equipment tab items alone (they stay equipped when swapping).

*Current normal equipment changing rules still apply of course, not taking damage for X seconds before you can hot swap gear or this suggested change would be too over powered.

(how it is implemented is open, but the more customizable the better. The ideas of this change is to prevent people from accidentally dropping important items and to make equipment swapping quicker and more convenient, especially when bossing. Also this would free up more room in your equipment storage tab since your alternate equipment you intend to swap on the fly would already be equipped in the secondary equipped, equipment window tab.)

*Also note people making illegal macros to do something similar, will no longer need to break the rules in the name of convenience in regards to swapping equipment out on the fly.

(Example: If on the secondary equipped, equipment window tab you equip a tower of oz ring in the top ring slot and in your full main equipped, equipment tab window you had a solid Gollux ring in the same top slot... only the rings would swap over, leaving the rest of your main gear equipped. Same as if you equipped all your drop gear only in the secondary equipped, equipment tab, while leaving everything else not equipped in the secondary equipped, equipment tab. Only the drop gear would switch positions with the main equipment in the same corresponding equipment slots. Again any empty slots in your secondary equipped, equipment tab would have no impact to the gear you have equipped on your main equipped, equipment tab.)

I apologize how confusing the equipment swap above idea is. So to summarize this... 2 equipment windows, one primary(the one we have now), one secondary(not implemented). Anything equipped in the as of yet unimplemented second equipment tab will instantly replace any items in the primary equipment tab at the push of a button, swapping the equipment places with the same slot on the primary tab with the ones equipped on the secondary and vice versa. if you only have like 1 equipment equipped in that secondary equipment tab... only it will swap positions with the corresponding same item slot out of the primary equipment tab. still affected by the equipment swap rules of having to take no damage for X seconds to complete the swap.

*I am so sorry, if any of this sounded confusing. I hope I got my ideas across and sorry for editing so much, I am a disaster!

That is all I got for now!
Hope to hear some cool ideas/suggestions and feed back on what has been posted! *Cheers!


  • darikdarik
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    Other QoL ideas:

    Make the wild totems cheaper, like make them cost mesos or less reward points, like 300 reward points or 500, and delete the maximun limit.

    Revert kishin to not having a cooldown, for people that main or second main kishin or that use it to farem mesos is extremelly annoying to having to adjust and rekish every minute, makes the maple experience a pain intead of a fun experience.

    Please make all coupons and potions stay if you dc, i hate when i pop a lot of coupons just to dc for no reason in the next 2 mins.

    Make the wild totem effect last longuer, not only 2 hours or let the player adjust when the lasting period expires, like , if you keep it 2 hours, make it so that it only counts when the totem is summoned, not everyone can/wants to grind for 2 hours straight, maybe some people like to do only 30mins sesssions, or , make 30mins , 1 h, 1,5 wild totems, so that you can choose how much time you want your training sessions to last.

    Thanks for reading the post, i hope some get implemented in the future! .
    Have a wonderful day and remember that youre awesome and loved! =)
  • staticsoullolstaticsoullol
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    bring back sengoku high, its not fair for new and returning players get 33-36% less stat than older lucky players