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"Purr Zone" Skill Removing Lucid Attack Patterns

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edited October 17 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Beast Tamer skill bug

Brief bug summary: When the Cat skill "Purr Zone" is used on Phase 1 Lucid, the flower that Lucid sits on is completely removed. Alongside this visual bug, one of Lucid's Phase 1 attack patterns gets completely removed for the remainder of Phase 1. The attack pattern where there are strings of flowers that appear on the screen every few seconds and then explode is completely removed.

More details: This bug works on any Lucid difficulty.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have "Purr Zone' maxed out on Beast Tamer (it's a cat mode skill).
2. Use "Purr Zone" on Phase 1 of any Lucid boss difficulty (Easy, Normal, or Hard).
3. After using "Purr Zone" on Lucid, observe that the flower that Lucid sits on is removed. Also notice that Lucid's string of flowers attack pattern is no longer activating at all.

Character name: Not mandatory.

Character level: Not mandatory.

Character job: Beast Tamer.

World name: Not mandatory.

Date and time of the incident: Unsure how long this bug has existed.

Thank you.