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MapleStory and played media do not play nicely

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edited October 2020 in Tech Support
To clarify: when I launch MapleStory (Steam), if I'm watching a YouTube video, without fail, the game will crash with no error.

I have to play windowed because I use a 2560x1080 resolution (LF> 21:9 support). This works out fine though, as I'm normally listening to music, podcasts, or otherwise watching something while I play. But, for whatever reason, the game refuses to launch properly as long as something is playing.

I have no idea why this is. When you initially launch the game, it takes a second before it goes through the Nexon/Wizet logos. If you click, you can skip them, yadda yadda. The point is, I basically have this timing memorized. Exactly when the game would tick over to world select, it would instead crash, assuming there's a video playing. If you pause the video before launching, it works fine.

I have so far only tested this with YouTube, but I also have Netflix and Hulu at my disposal to also experiment with. I'm normally not watching something so plot-driven while playing. This has been happening for easily over 2 years now, possibly more; only recently have I been able to actually replicate this problem on-demand after realizing the rogue variable.