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Gollux set changes and Tyrant Belts/PureEnhancemen

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To whom it may concern,

As they announced the gollux set changes, they addressed the effort invested in the superior gollux pendant and gave them a solution to transfer the item to a gollux belt. But they never addressed the impact on the Tyrant belts which were best in slot and mostly used by players. With these changes Tyrant belts are no longer viable because of missing the 30% boss damage and 30% ied from the gollux set. This devaluates a lot the tyrant belt which cost LOTS of MESOS and NX to starforce specially items above 5-stars.

They introduced the gollux set with double pendants making players believe that building 2 superior gollux pendants and a tyrant belt was the best way to get maximun equipment efficiency. This made thousands of players boom BILLIONS of mesos and spend thousands of NX to starforce their belts and now they are worth almost nothing compared to what was invested. Not to mentions the Pure equip enhancement scroll (No boom), now people who obtained those through NX gambling sales like marvel machine, won't even probably worth to buy.

I demand some sort of compensations for those players who own Tyrant Belt/Pure Equip Enhancement Scroll and are now forced to let them go because they are no longer viable thanks to these gollux set change effects.



  • CannonsOPCannonsOP
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    Following up this, Reboot players had a different meta as well, having spent many resources and hours farming to create an alternative earring: SWEETWATER EARRINGS.

    Many reboot players have undergone the process of making transposed SWEETWATER EARRINGS, while using 2 GOLLUX PENDANTS--meaning we already use a GOLLUX BELT to achieve 4 set effect.
    Giving a belt to these players devalues two item slots that require two NEW different items to be replaced (Earring AND Pendant).

    A suggestion for an alternative instead of offering ONLY Gollux belt, offer GOLLUX EARRINGS, (can have same potential lines as well), as an additional selection for compensation to absorb some of the damage about to be done in Reboot for these players. With so much gear being Time Gated and also requiring the countless hours of farming to create, this sounds to be a much higher value trade in.

    I hope this will be taken into consideration and discussed.
  • jaydyjaydy
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    The way it should be to suit everyone :

    Superior Pendant -> Superior Belt

    Superior Pendant -> Superior Earrings
    Sweetwater Earrings -> Sweetwater Pendant
  • JackBanditJackBandit
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    They should just remove pure enhancement scrolls from philo books and marvel. The other enhancement scrolls should also be removed from nx gacha boxes.

    Epic scrolls/ innocents/ clean slates/ potential scrolls/ drops from elite bosses are also so cheap and shouldn't be rewards if money is spent.