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Open new Class on Reboot (NA), How does i make it?

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Hey guys,
I want to open an new Class on my account for getting more Buff to my Main Class (Mayve i will open Kanna Or Pirate)
Anyway i want to give to my new class an Strong Start, How do i do it?
Im on Reboot NA i have Hard time to understand what can i or should i to transfer to the New Char Beacuse there a lot of staff that you cant put in your Storage,
From there to my Q,
What should i Transfer? And if there any another way to do it that its not the storage keeper?
And if the answer it is just Money do u have any suggestions what to do with the money on the new class to make him good?

AnyHelp will be great,


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    One of the principles of Reboot is that each character has to obtain its own equipment.
    For a new character, all you can transfer that would be useful is meso and potions.