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Does Mercedes Worth it?

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Hey guys
i Heard Mercedes it an real hard class, does its worth it?
i back to Maple after a long time and i open a lot of Class for the link skill,
and i try to choose an Main,
what better to go, Mercedes or Aran?
any answer will be helpfull


  • LeilathaLeilatha
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    I'm a mercedes main myself, and I love the class, it has tons of mobility to get me out of tricky situations when I'm bossing, and I feel like I always have something new to learn with the class when I play it. It also has a very strong burst, and the unicorn at 5th job makes grinding easy as well.

    I like aran a lot as well since it has good mobility for a warrior class, and it's pretty strong.

    I don't think you'll go wrong with either class. Maybe get both to 5th job and then see which skills you like best overall.