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Legion arena simply unfair

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Im so tired of being matched up against people with so much higher legion power/level. i cant stand being put in matches i have no way of winning at all, legion power out weighs any synergys you can possibly aquire. the fact that you lose ranking even when you crash, when crashing is so prevalent seems so unfair, the lack of surrender button makes things worse as if you leave it just gives you a 10 minute timer before you can try again. nexon please never bring this event back, its broken and unfair


  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    They match you against people based on your score, so it's really not "unfair" for you to get matched against the people in your score region and they happen to have higher legion power/level. The game is literally called Legion Arena. People with higher legion power is bound to have advantage. As for crash losing your point, there's really no other way around it. If they had let you keep your score when you disconnect, everyone will disconnect when they're about to lose to preserve their points. This goes to every single other multiplayer game (overwatch, LoL, Siege and etc). They have to punish leavers, even if some of them are simply crash accident, because people will exploit living crap out of it if they don't.

    Now what's REALLY UNFAIR is this absolute dog$hit of an AI that they made for legion arena and god awful balancing issue between jobs. Some jobs attack areas are so fkin big and faster that they can be further away to attack and waste less time moving around and do uninterrupted damage (luminous, I/L mage). Some jobs attack skills are more consistence and have less pause between each attacks so they don't suffer attack pause due to server lag and do more overall damage despite having lower legion power (Phantom, Adele). And the AI for this arena are absolute garbage. A lot of times, your character will go after cannons or support priests when the game starts, while the enemy character will come directly at your character and fkin kill you right off the bat. And of course, cannons and other support AI, being utter trash, can't beat the character even in 3v1 situation.

    The point of the legion arena is to have two characters with different legion fight each other, with support synergy buff to hopefully make up the legion power differences. Stupid AI and the class difference bs pretty much ruined everything. I've seen so many times when my 220-230 characters with 2-3 synergy buffs get absolutely trashed by lower level/legion enemy with zero synergy because of class difference or AI bs. Just now, my 221 Pathfinder with 14 mill legion power lost to 200 lumi with 8 mill legion power simply because it's lumi. In conclusion, yeah Legion Arena is a hot garbage.