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some asks from a new kid

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Hello maplers, I'm new to GMS, the last time I played an official server was on BMS when it closed in 2011 (RIP best server ever)

I saw that the game has changed a lot since then, I decided to play again and I have a Wind Archer (is it a good class to start now?) at Bera.

could you give tips to a new kid who is totally lost in playing an official server again?


  • BarleypopBarleypop
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    I'm a returning player too

    i don't think i saw wind archer as recommended class on YouTube but you like what you like

    legion system and link skill makes it beneficial to have multiple characters

    basically you grind and boss to get the best gears 5th job is out

    there are more ways to upgrade equipment (not just scrolls) by adding potentials and starforce

    ppl seem to run root abyss bosses daily

    anyways i'm in bera NA server so if you want pm me your ign