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wow its been AGES

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in General Chat
Hi Everyone,

I done even remember creating this "community user" .
Anyway I'm an old (not that old only 30) Scania server player was in Guilds, Synergy, SuperVillain, Eternity, if there are any old members here =D.

So I've got a user over reboot server lvl 174 Blade Master and was wondering if any guild here that's active will accept me :)
Looking to boss around and to basically guide me through.



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    Hmmm... would come back.. but.. account has bee hax.. during pre big bang. Lol muhahaha
  • SeaJay9999SeaJay9999
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    My account in Mardia (2009-2011) got hacked too and I quit. I recently came back and still salty how costumer support didn't do anything for me back then.
    Now i'm debating if i should continue with my old accounts (now in Aurora after server merge i'm guessing) or restart in REBOOT servers.

    Funnily i found 500M mesos in my old characters. Is it worth anything in Normal servers?