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Question about item cap

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I heard that the item drop cap from gear is 200% (which would be a total of 10 item drop lines). But I also heard that legion coup & familiar have a cap at 100% meaning with a large item drop familiar, legion coup would not be in effect.
Can someone confirm this? Thank you.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    Community testing posts

    Max +200% drop rate from equipment potential is true.
    Legion Luck lv 1/2/3 do stack with drop rate familiar (meaning using a +100% drop rate familiar and legion luck will give a total of +150% drop rate).

    Legion luck is coded differently from other drop rate coupon which is why it can only stack with unstackable drop rate familiar and not other unstackable consumable drop rate buff.
    (I personally tested with lucky winter and legion luck, they don't stack)

    The 100% cap for unstackable consumable/familiar drop rate buff that appear in the top right corner is mainly to convert any remaining +200% unstackable drop rate coupon that might still exist from events into +100% unstackable drop rate coupon. (In simple term, leftover 3x unstackable drop rate coupon become 2x unstackable drop rate coupon)