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Maple Tour: setting a standard for proper gameplay

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edited February 2021 in General Chat
Currently, the majority of players who did not abuse the Maple Tour bug are suffering from not being able to do Maple Tour for their weekly mesos. In many instances before, people who abuse bugs, bot/hack, and engage in other gameplay actions that are against the ToS do not receive punishment that deters the same behavior in the future. On the other hand, legitimate players are constantly bearing the burden of systems in place to catch and punish these players. Most notably is the new addition of the 'white room' where unsuspecting legitimate players are being banned for not knowing what is going on.

Nexon, you need to step up your standard for punishment and reward for illegitimate and legitimate players respectively. Maple Tour is one way to begin to do this. It would not be just to have the current Maple Tour inconvenience uncompensated, or any future inconvenience that results in bugs/exploits/hacks. And people who bring down these game features should be punished. Although I can only suggest or speculate on what punishments or compensation might be, I can offer my opinion on what just punishment and reward for this exploit might look like. Free Maple Tour entries, or direct meso compensation based on the days missed, should be given to every active account that did not exploit the bug, covering the days that they missed out on. Extra mesos should be taken back from the exploiters and they should be given a temporary suspension from participating in Maple Tour (1-2 weeks).

Please take this Maple Tour issue to readjust your standards for rightful punishment and reward. Stop letting legitimate players bear the burden for a few bad apples.


  • SilkwaySilkway
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    Well they did give us spinning rune arrows. Clearly they rather rope all of us into a punishment because of illegitimate players. Even though Nexon still surprisingly doesn't realize the illegal programs don't use the images or visuals of any kind to solve runes.. For a person like me, it's actually punishing me in real life physically, because I get bad motion sickness from focusing on anything that spins around.