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Star Balloon Pop question - star candies

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in General Chat
So daily per world is 130 star candies.
My highest dps character can only earn 50-51 star candies daily.

the event is for 25 days?
25x51 = 1275 star candies, I won't be enough for the 2000 points to get the growth potion.
Is it worth doing it?



  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited February 8
    The event is for 35 days, but that would still not be enough. I'm sorry.
  • NiiChinSuRaNiiChinSuRa
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    edited February 8
    Why it didn't get 40 days...for people don't have high dps...lol...
  • OneMomentOneMoment
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    Ye i´ve just got back to maple after a long break and started the balloon pop on day 1 and wont be able to ge the potion. Having to be heavily funded to participate in an event is crazy. I have no issues with some event having special content for funded players, i also have no problem that some extra content would cost nx. But an event for everyone should be for everyone. If u do a task everyday for over and month you should be rewarded. I really hope they make it possible to earn some extra star candies even if it cost some nx.
  • GeminiaGeminia
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    edited February 11
    I only got 97 star candies on the first or second day, and having the restriction of collecting 200 moon candies to even participate in it is ridiculous. Sure, I'd be able to get enough coins in 21 days, but with a full time job and my real life responsibilities, just getting 200 moon candy burns me out, and I've already missed out on too many days to make it worth doing.