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how unfair is the legion arena rewards

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it feels realy unfair that the legion arena rewards are only for the top 40%
feels sad that the other 60% dont even get a participation medal or something like that, especilly since the match making was ridiculously unfair to all players: i mean a level 200-210 team getting matched with level 250-275 team is super unfair and basicly all the high level (mostly reboot) players are the ones who are on top since the match making didnt exist, reboot should have had its own seperate matching from the rest of the worlds
i know it was just the 1st season: but i expected that they would at least implement a fair matchmaking.
plus not giving rewards to 60% of the players gives a bad taste and make it feel like we wasted our time by participating, its weird since usuly maple always gave rewrds for participation in the past.

wanted to see if other players feel similiar, or had tons of match making with players who were like 40 levels above them XD (i didnt see any disscussions on this topic)


  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    There were participation rewards that could be obtained during the event period.

    Quote from the patch notes:

    "Daily Victory Mission Reward: You can obtain upon winning once a day per world
    2x EXP Coupon (15 min) (x2): Tradeable within account, 7-day duration.
    Cumulative Victory Mission Rewards: You can obtain upon winning respective amounts once per world. Rewards can be claimed until January 26 at 11:59 PM UTC.
    Win 20 times
    Arcane Symbol Selection Coupon (x30): Tradeable within account, 7-day duration.
    Win 50 times
    Arena Damage Skin: Season 1: Tradeable within account, 7-day duration.
    Win 100 times
    Permanent Arena Drone Mount: Season 1 Coupon: Tradeable within account, 7-day duration."