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How to level from 200 to 210 *without* 5th job?

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For my link skill guys, I waiting until burning events. That lets me level to 180 in a day, and 200 in the next day or so.

Some jobs are just not suited to 5th job advancement - at least, not when I play them :-)

For instance, Mercedes is the classic example of a great link skill on a ranged, therefor melee-weak, character. That makes both Easy Magnus & getting to the top of the Dark World Tree problematic, to say the least.

The reason is probably that Frozen Equips are more than good enough until 180, even 200, but not much good for 5th job, and I am of the mindset that I am not going to waste money on good equips for 10 levels for a character that I know I will never play after 210.

Given that (and I realize that it might vary for others), what's the quickest way for me to level from 200 to 210 *without* doing 5th job and getting access to the Arcane River?

I have just been grinding at the scrapyard, but that takes a looooong time. Is there any quicker way?


  • YodaYoda
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    We're on the same boat, I got my Mercedes to 203 and I've been thinking how I can get to 210. Vanishing journey it's really difficult with it.
    HOWEVER! I strongly recommend you do the 5th job advancement even though there are some lvl 200 monsters around (fox valley, black haven, dark tree).
    Equips / dark force necessary: I got equips that I found around, it was cheaper when star forcing. Link Skills from other chars are a must, so if you're gonna wait for a burning event work in some other useful link skills (not even with link skills my Mercedes is good :S)
    Anyway, 5th job skills are actually what's going to help you get to lvl 210, i'm sure.
    My favorites are:
    Irkalla's wrath: it's a giant arrow that deals a lot of damage, it's what saves me from elite monsters (has cooldown)
    Sylvidia's flight: it's a unicorn you mount and you can literally clear the map while flying around with it, it has cooldown, but it's what saves mercedes, I wholeheartedly advice you to get it or you'll go mad trying to lvl up mercedes.
  • OhGodWhyMEOhGodWhyME
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    Sometimes people make gear for mules. I've seen people use 17* L/L pensalir equips on their mules. Once they're done, they just store it for another mule.

    I've seen some ridiculous mule gear, like 22* L/L pensalir and Primed face and eye accessories. Either way, you're gonna have to invest in equipment at some point if you're gonna get your mules to 210. As for non arcane river areas? the top of world tree is okay if you'd rather not invest a ton of meso.

    You can basically stay in FES2 until 205.
  • GuofuGuofu
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    you need a 230 Kanna to help you reach 210 from 200 in 4-5 hours