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[Reboot]R>Tempted, ALL levels welcome

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Hi there folks! Names Jason and I'm coming to you today to recruit for Tempted! Tempted has built itself for 14 years, starting in Scania on the belief and idea that no one, no matter the level, should be excluded from being in a guild. In Tempted, it's really about being a family together. Some of the oldest members have been together for 14 years. As such, the Reboot and Scania versions of the guild even work together on this ideal, so what does that mean?

What is Tempted Reboot?: Tempted Reboot is the extension of the Scania guild of the same name. The two guilds are interlocked together to make one big “super guild” if you will. Both the Scania and Reboot guilds interact and work together with each other on our Discord server. More on that a little bit later. The Reboot guild has its own set of channels as well as helpful guides and more. We bring the same values the Tempted guild brought that made it so successful, especially back in 2007. The core belief that ANYONE of ANY level, is welcome and is valuable to the guild.

What do we offer?: We are offering boss carries to our members, an open guild and looking to recreate the feeling of family we found in Scania. Boss carries will be given based on a contribution system. Our current list of carries includes: PNO, Emp, CRA, CPAP, CPB, Lomien, Akechi and we’re constantly adding more. To add to this, our discord server has sign up sheets available for boss parties as well as scheduling calendars to allow you to set a carry on your time and on a schedule every week.

Discord?: We have integrated the Tempted Scania discord and the Reboot discord into one! This way both the Scania and Reboot servers can interact with each other. We think it’s really important for members to be in discord to really get that sense of community. The discord features both text and voice channels, allowing you to hop in and chat with your new friends at any time. This allows both of the guilds to work harmoniously together. Whales and f2p players alike will be able to talk, ask questions, and just hang out together!

Level requirements?: Just like Tempted in Scania, there is no level requirement other than level 101. No power or veteran player required, however we would prefer your main is the character you are adding to the guild. For boss carries we require a certain GP threshold which we are currently revamping as the guild continues to grow. While we may prefer your main it’s not required. If you want to try us out with your mule first, give us a whirl, see what we’re all about!

The future?: We just hit level 25!!! In the future we plan to expand to allow for a greater access to GPQ, the talks of a mule guild alliance is also in the works, and the possibility of an alliance with another guild is also in the works. We look to expand our boss carries as we slowly get everyone stronger.

How do we join?: Send a request to join in the game, message down below, do both, or get in touch with one of our lovely Jrs, Navigators or my Co-owner.

Leaders and Jrs List






See you soon!


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    Hello! Are you still recruiting?