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Maple Cafe on a Spring Day Inferno Wolf capping

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edited March 2021 in Bug Reporting
Hi there,

There was a fix on the Maple Cafe on s Spring Day for Inferno Wolf. They change the cap to 100 but didn't give the points to compensate the error. Is there anyone else missing points?

See SS below. I got 250 chat points while cap to enter is 5. I've done two 3 more will just be 550. I won't be able to cap 600 because of the missing chat points.



  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    I'm having issues with some of the other characters. I did not earn rapport point even after being closed off from it for the day. So I'm stuck at 42 today. Only the symbols, rune and inferno wolf went up today for me. I'm stuck at five on all but the Symbols and Rune. I missed completion on the inferno wolf one day. Also the site says that Dr. Jang = Symbols only goes to 5 and mine is 6?
  • SrViperSrViper
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    I had problems with rune and hell yesterday, the NPCs did not level up they were at 5.