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Afterlands quickguide

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This is not really a "guide" but a "support guide" because the core is a video guide made by "ExtremeCereal", the big work is on him. What I did is narrowing down the main parts and adding timestamps for easy following. If you're not familiar with the questline I would recommend to watch the full video instead. This guide online contains simplified information to clear all the quests fast without getting lost.
You can find the full videoguide here:

Basic recommendations before starting

You should clear your etc. inventory before starting and getting enough pots in case you need them if your character is weak. Still, something important to keep in mind about the afterlands is that you can go in and out through Ashkaya if you don't want to do the full questline in a row. If you do this, you can use up the keys you collected up to that point to save up inventory space.
You can get back into the afterlands through the quest notificator and then talk to Ashkaya to continue where you were


CT = Click through, many times referring you can spam space bar safely to go through dialogs ASAP. (If you do this in the land of innocence be very careful to stan far enough from the candy plate)
W / R / C / I = Land of Warriors/Riches/Contemplation/Innocence
NW = Move to next world option from Ashkaya

Afterlands guide

1 Destroy bush -> CT

1.1 (W) Bring down the sun -> Follow quest bubbles -> CT https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=397

1.2 (W) Kill Balrog and loot key (1 map to the right) -> Click bubble above head (!atention: you should choose the second option, explanation on video https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=475 -> Move back to main area

1.3 (W) Talk to <Artisan Lupin> -> CT -> Raise sun, then choose an option, strongly recommend to avoid 1st, reason https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=521 -> Click bubble above head -> CT (options don't matter)

1.4 (R) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=600 Take quest from <Joel> (doable from outside, don't get in yet) then farm 70 items from first map (quest requires 30 but you'll be asked for 30 more) -> Finish both then talk to <Mansa> and CT (no need to take <Joel> quest atm

1.5 (C) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=722 Move to 3rd map and wait for bubble to appear -> Do the quest and finish in the same map, you'll be moved to main area -> CT

1.6 (C) Talk to <Adler> to get 1st key -> CT -> Talk to <Adler> -> CT

2 (I) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1001 Talk to <Ashkaya> and select go to the next world -> Talk to <Tina> -> CT -> Get items from first map and CT <Tina> to deliver and get new quest. Move to the 1st map and get 2nd key from the tree https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1123

3 (I) Proceed to 3rd map for quest items -> Talk to <Riley> -> CT (finish quest but make sure not to pick the following from <Riley>) -> Talk to <Billy> and do the quest, killing any mob count so just go to any of the maps from the area

3.1 (I) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1350 Talk to <Silent boy> on the right side of the house (spam and CT until you get 3rd key)

4 (I) Talk to <Lonnie> on the left side and CT until you get 4th key

5 (W) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1466 Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW -> CT -> Raise Sun -> Click head bubble and CT -> Defeat the mobs, go back to main zone and finish quest -> Talk to <Vulcanelli> and accept quest -> Raise Sun -> CT -> Bring down the sun -> Click bubble above head and CT

5.1 (R) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1730 Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW -> Talk to <Joel> and do the quest <The world beyond the castle walls> -> Then do the quest <Excuses to stay> -> Then <Out of excuses>

5.2 (R) Crawl inside and talk to <Ben> (!atention: choose 3rd option, convince Mansa to move out first -> Talk to <Mansa> and CT

5.3 (C) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1917 Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW -> Talk to every NPC and CT until you get the quest <The cry
of the horrid deathbeast>, then proceed to 3rd map -> 1 crow will be there right away, that's the one https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=1976-> Click on head bubble to obtain 5th key and go back to main zone and finish quest

6 (C) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2041 Go to the bench and CT to fight the yellow mage, keep on CT until you get 6th key -> the quest <Peace of Mind> is not necessary, only rewards EXP -> Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW

7 (I) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2177 Talk to <Tina> and CT -> Go get quest item from 1st map mobs and finish quest -> Talk to <Tina> and CT -> Buy Brand New Teddy Bear" from <Sunni> and finish quest -> Open use inventory then click on the book for the 7th key

8 (I) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2315 Talk to <Tina> and CT -> Click on the candy plate left of <Tina> to make it rain -> Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW

8.1 (W) Raise the sun -> The 2nd option (monster ellimination) is probably the fastest but consider 3rd if you have a pet (!always avoid 1st) -> Talk to <Beodog> and CT

8.2 (R) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2435 Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW -> Crawl into the pot and click on the treasure bag and CT https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2443 -> Talk to <Horemheb> and CT -> Click on head bubble then talk to <Louie the average>. This dialog has options to choose, but you can CT if you want without affecting questline. More info about this: https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2464

8.3 (R) Go to the leftmost portal of the map and talk to <Old Tombstone Maker> and CT -> Attack command to destroy the stones on the rightside of the map, loot item and finish quest -> Next quest will ask to wait 10 minutes

8.4 (R) Go back to main zone and complete the quest "A tasteful favor" from <Louie> !6 TIMES! to obtain !6 Delicious Gold!. Check video for further explanation https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2565

8.5 (R) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2646 Once you have 6 pieces of gold you can break the wall from land of riches main area. Eat 3 and use attack to break the wall (doesn't matter if you inside or outside)

8.6 (R) Talk to <Mansa> and CT -> Talk to <Ben> (!choices will be available but you can CT if you want, check to video for more info https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2683 -> Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW
8.7 (C) Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW
8.8 (I) Talk to <Ashkaya> and NW (!make sure it's raining)

8.9 (W) https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2761 Eat the rest 3 pieces of gold and finish the quest from <Vulcanelli> to get 8th key

9 (W) Click on the statue on the right side and CT -> Talk to <Edgar Tetch> and CT -> Click again on the statue and CT -> Talk to
<Ashkaya> and NW

9.1 (R) Talk to <Mansa> and CT -> Take 9th key from gold pile

10 (R) Talk to <Horemheb> and CT to get 10th key

11 (R) Go to leftmost portal and talk to <Old Tombstone Maker> for 11th key (!options will be given, they won't matter, you can CT)

12 (R) Go out to main zone and back into the same map, then move to the right and talk to the NPC (CT) -> Command attack the 5
tombstones and talk again with the NPC -> Finish quest for 12th key

After that you talk to Ashkaya and choose first option to go the door where you can double click the locks to use the keys.
The locks have funky clickboxes sometimes, click around them if you find trouble https://youtu.be/UMAuKvzbGss?t=2975