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Criticism of chat-related suspension policy

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I was blocked from the game for 4 days for "inappropriate chat conduct".
This is not an appeal of that block. This is feedback based on the experience.

When I submitted a ticket inquiring about what conduct/messages were sent from my account that resulted in this 4 day ban, I was met with a condescending/intimidation message from the GM who reviewed my ticket. I was informed that the behavior was "severe" and warranted the ban and that it was related to "harassment of other users".
I was also informed that they were being "lenient" and they might not be in the future.
My question was never answered, the ticket was closed.

If this alleged "harassment" is so severe, then why am I not even allowed to know what was said or done?
The stated reason for "privacy" concerns of the reporting party is not acceptable.
Some jurisdictions don't even allow this type of policy, because it's fundamentally unfair. It gives NO recourse to the accused to even know the evidence against them, let alone dispute it.

Worse yet, by offering additional protections to accusers (the standard held in all civilized countries is the right to face your accused), it actively ENCOURAGES malicious reporting. Nexon CLAIMS that malicious reporting is known about and they will handle it, but because we cannot even know the evidence against us, we cannot verify that the company is being honest and thorough with these bans. That is contrary to the stated messaging from the company that transparency is important.

While the Nexon Terms of Service aren't held in the same standard as a court of law, having policies in place that run counter to basic judicial fairness further illustrates that the talk of "transparency" with customers is a façade.

Taking this further -- I don't actually want to be a jerk to other people in-game. If something I've said or done has been interpreted as harassment, I want to know, just from a human-to-human perspective. Maybe I could even apologize to whomever I've offended? But instead, I'm left paranoidly scratching my head, mentally running every conversation I've had in the past few months endlessly trying to figure out what I even did wrong.