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[RESOLVED] Phantom: Frozen Orb hits nothing

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edited April 2021 in Bug Reporting
[RESOLVED] A full shutdown and repair has fixed this issue.

Bug Type: Functionality

Summary: Phantom's stolen skill Frozen Orb from Ice/Lightning mages does not hit any monsters. Attempted to re-steal the skill and it still does not work.

More details: Frozen Orb is a primary mobbing skill for Phantoms who reach Lachelein or Arcana, and above. The class's mobbing is greatly affected by this bug.

Steps to reproduce: Go to End of the World 1-5; use Frozen Orb; observe that nothing takes damage.

25x Phantom in Scania

April 21, 2021 at approximately 20:50 UTC

Edit: Another Phantom in NA Reboot confirmed Frozen Orb works for them. Attempting to repair/reinstall.