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Anyone else continuously disappointed w/ cs update

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Anyone else upset that we have to wait 3 weeks to see new hairs in the cash shop rotation. I have been waiting and waiting to get a specific hair(s) and face(s), but I continuously see garbage in the cash shop hair update... like seriously, only the new hair that came out looks nice. I feel that the Requests forms is not looked at by those in charge of the cash shop updates, and these hairs and faces show it. Like seriously we just had something similar to the Flex Voucher coupon not so long ago and its brought back right away. Now I have to wait until the middle of May just to get another announcement just to get disappointed once again.


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    Yeah, I completely feel the same way.
    Ghiblee claims that the CS update is determined months in advance, but I still don't see our requests being taken seriously in the forums.
    Also, the premium boxes are getting updated very slowly and the items that we request don't appear there mostly ever.
    Also, the Timely Threads Shop is a complete waste of time to code and put inside Cash Shop, NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY A 7 DAY CS COVER. I don't understand what Nexon thinks sometimes... The CS updates are horrendous.