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Reminder: Claim Bonus Stat Additional Compensation

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Hi Maplers,

The compensation items from the 'A gift for all our heroes' quest will no longer be available after today (April 28 UTC) reset!
Make sure you claim all the items via Maple Admin at the Event Hall before TODAY 11:59 PM UTC.

If you're wondering 'what compensation?', we're talking about those listed here:

Note: The "Exchange Rebirth Flame/Honor EXP Points" quest will remain available until July 20, 2021 at 11:59 PM UTC.


  • civichondacivichonda
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    HUGE REGRET.. I just missed the compensation because I was saving inventory space and had a few more levels to go before 200 where I could actually utilize some of the items. Just reached lvl 200 and I'm devastated that I missed the claim deadline, is there ANYTHING I could do to still get the items:(((((