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Maplestory Memories from a MapleBoomer

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Hello to everyone reading this!

I dont know if this the right Topic for this, if it isn't than just lock/delete it.

I saw a nice " event" called MapleMemories. I am not a huge social media user and cannot contain my memories to a 160 character limit.
I just wanted to post my memories to see and to say a enormous thank you to the Maplestory/Nexon/Wizet team.

I started playing this game on the GMS server around 2006 and transferred to the EMS server in around 2007, I started my first year in middle school (14 years old) and was bullied quite alot. The thing that helped me through that year was playing Maple with my best IRL friend. We were both hooked and played whenever we could.

My very first experience that I remember was being in lith harbor and taking the VIP taxi. Little did I know it was taking me to sleepywood and i didn't know how to get back to civilization and whenever I tried to get back to somewhere I was just instakilled. I started over and didn't make that mistake again.

The fondest memories for me are the times queueing up for the KPQ, LudiPQ and the Orbis PQ. I was a huge fan of the PQ system, you never did know how many PQ's you would get in a day because there was like 1 run open per channel but the whole experience was something else. It also actually was such a nice way to get in touch with people from all over the world.

I had some hiatuses from time to time where I didn't play or played less. But I started playing casually again since November last year with one of my best friends and we are still having a blast.

I have many many more memories but i just wanted to share this.

I want to thank the players, developers, supporting staff and everyone else who is involved in making this game as enjoyable as it is and who are supporting it even after all these years.