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NX Price and Countries Located in South America

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Good Morning,

My name is Gama and I'm a long time Maplestory player from Brazil. I'd like to start this discursion about something that really bothers me about the game. I understand that this is not exactly a company problem, but I believe that it'd have a way to help players that as me, would like to buy the items from cash shop.

In nowadays we have a huge problem when we try to buy the items from cash shop due the huge difference between the currencies. If I try to buy 10K NX I have to pay 56,62BRL what is almost 6 times the value of the item. I really know that this differences exist because we have the internacional exchanges and other taxes. But our currency in theses days is really low compared to dollar. A minimal wage in Brazil is 1,100BRL and most of brazilliand have to work a whole month to get this amount or a little bit more.

Playing MapleStory is something that I really enjoy. And I really know that you can farm mesos to buy MaplePoints but this is not possible if you have to work and uses only your free time to play the game. There's a lot of contents that I really would like to enjoy, for example: the Maple Cafe Pass, the Surprise Style Boxes, Marvel Spins, and others like that. But when I think about how much this will impact in my funds, considering that I have others bills to pay during the month, most of times I have to let them pass and just see other players enjoying them.

It's really sad because these contents are important to players as me that like to enjoy all things that the game can offer. And I'm not even talking about the cubes, since I understood that, for now, they are not in my conditions of buying.

I'm typing this post not to demand from company that something be done right now or asking the company to lower the prices from my country. I know that as company you need to have profits, but I really understand and I can tell you that there's a lot of players in Brazil that really would appreciate to buy NX and help the company if a better way could be implemented to help us to buy NX at least during this time that our economy is so weak.

Once we had our server but they didn't care too much about the game and it has closed. We started to play in EMS, but this server also closed. And now, we are in GMS. We can see how you guys are trying to make the game good for all players. I have seen this in Anna's letters these days. I can assure you that the players that are playing in here are the same from the beggining (with new players that joined us during the years) and we play this game because it is really important to us. We really enjoy playing MapleStory.

I hope that you guys can think about something to help us to colaborate with the company and enjoy MapleStory in all his features.




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    This has been done with Global MapleStory 2 (when it was alive). All we had to do was to log in the game using Steam. The game automatically knew we were from latin america and the prices to purchase Nx (not the item prices) were different for us. This is completelly possible, but considering the age of MapleStory, and how long they could get latin american money without changing Nx prices for us, I doubt they will do anything about this.

    I know your pain buddy, Im a brazilian too. I bought Nx around 4 or 5 times since I started playing when GMS arrived. Reboot was the only reason I came back. But if I could, if Nx was something affordable to me (or to regular brazilian workers who can get around R$1,100 a MONTH - which is around US$207) I would come back to Bera where my old main and some scattered memories in my inventory are.