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[WINNERS] Maple Fashion: Design Story - Outfit

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Hiya Maplers!
We would like to give special thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, as a designer or a voter!
We received more than 90 submissions, Forums & Discord combined, and each and every one of them was a stunning piece of art. It was truly a challenge to select the 10 submissions out of them and our Community was able to vote YOUR favorites! Thanks to all the community members who voted for the entries as well.
If you are not familiar with this contest, we recently held a Community voting session that ended June 1st at 10:00 AM PDT.

Now without further ado, I'll announce our winners DUN DUN DUN...!
Our first place winner is... Tsuu!
TsuusT of Scania
Outfit: Spirit Collector Set
Vote: 1616

Our second place winner is... Pumpkinella!
Pumpkinella of Reboot NA
Outfit: Glassic
Vote: 1293

Our third place winner is... bingsu!
Arotaro of Bera
Outfit: Lazy Panda Set
Vote: 1206

Please congratulate our three winners!!!
We'll be sending your in-game prizes soon :)
As previously mentioned, all designs will be shared and reviewed by our development team equally regardless of the design's winning status.
However, please note that we cannot guarantee that any specific designs will be implemented in-game.
Below are the remaining top 10 submissions for everyone to see.
We'll return with another Design Story contest in the future. Thank you!
*These are in submission order

Squeakÿ of Bera

Outfit: Pipsqueak Hamster Set
Vote: 168

Kirby of Scania

Outfit: Lazy Demon Set
Vote: 939

îZan of Reboot NA

Outfit: The Winter Witch
Vote: 934

Jeggsama of Bera

Outfit: Bubbly Axolotl Set
Vote: 628

yihanna of Reboot NA

Outfit: Exclusive Fox Set
Vote: 1039

Xxpapaya | Jiston
Jiston of Reboot NA

Outfit: Navy Seals
Vote: 235

phumiyu of Reboot NA

Outfit: Squirrel Detective Set
Vote: 391

You can see the votes here:

To see the rest of the submissions, please check out our Maple Fashion: Design Story contest post on Official MapleStory Forums or our #art-contest channel on Official MapleStory Discord!