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PLEASE LET AB, ZERO can have couple ring!

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Hello maple players~

Today I really want to request to the game operator that LET ME ALLOW TO HAVE 'A COUPLE RING' WITH MY BF, Who chooses his job as Angelic Buster.
I understand we cannot marry with girl-girl in-game based on KMS traditional rules.
(Honestly, this server is GMS and I believe most people have a mind to understand Bisexual nowadays)
(Additionally, KMS does not have Kanna and Hayato job because of Korean traditional history does not allow these character stories.
BUT we do have these job as diverse traditional peoples in GMS, so I believe WE CAN SWITCH THIS RULES our own)

However, I wish the GMS allows to have couple-rings with 'Female-Female, Male-Male, both gender-other gender' Characters AT LEAST!

In my case, my boyfriend already fully funded items like 72k stat, I also funded enough high stat, and level as well.
None of us can switch the main right now since we already both are hitting 275 and spend so much time playing Maplestory.
So, I sent suggestions to the manager several times through tickets but they end up answering better upload here and we will discuss more.

We are just like characters(AB, Zero, Mihile)' abilities and skills so, we choose this gender/character.
There's nothing wrong to choose which job has ONLY female or male or both gender character right?

THUS! I am writing this now before I am going to regret it.

If there some people agree to have a couple-ring with Female-Female, Male-Male, please leave a comment to discuss!
(it means Zero also allow to wear a Couple-ring with someone)

Thus, I wish GMS allow to marry Female-Female, Male-Male BUT! if they can't these two things, I hope they allow us to have a couple-ring AT LEAST!

I appreciate reading this and hope you guys leave your comments!




  • PetitrosesPetitroses
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    'Mihile, Angelic Buster' these job ONLY ONE GENDER OPTION TO PLAY.
    'Zero' has Both genders so they cannot marry idk they can still wear a couple rings with someone or not.

    We choose characters sometimes because it's easy to train, looks pretty, awesome skill effects, etc.
    I believe we could have at least a couple of rings with someone we love AT LEAST!

    Maplestory isn't a just game, people already build relationships in real life nowadays as a community.
    Hopefully, all peoples are interested in this topic and please leave some opinions about this!
    Thank you for the reading :D!

  • whatchawntwhatchawnt
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    I don't think Zero can have couple rings with any character, zero's also cannot marry. The issue is more than just a Male-Male or Female-Female thing, since Zero is half male and half female (Alpha & Beta).