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update: I got my stolen guild back.


  • SorrowSorrow
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    edited November 2021
    30 days is not long enough to be considered as "inactive."

    I'm sorry for your loss OP.
    If you start another thread to change the 30 day period to a longer time though I'll give you my full support.
  • JezJez
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    guys, thanks to the help of a very nice person, I have gotten my guild back!

    I am still very firm in my stance that nexon needs to update the leadership transfer on absence function to include the following:
    -the former leader cannot be kicked from the guild
    -the former leader can take back the leadership position if they return to the game

    it is absolutely unacceptable to allow someone to take a guild and then completely wreck it just because the leader has been offline for 30 days