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Mobile Mansion is Just... UGH

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edited September 2021 in Rants and Raves
Been doing Mobile mansion to get a new chair to my vast collection but it seems that the materials are almost unobtainable. I can grind for HOURS at regular enemies and get TWO materials (and both materials will end up being the SAME ITEM) in that whole span of time. Also some materials are just disgustingly rare (e.g. holographic walls, holographic horns, pretty much almost ANY of the good looking items)

I don't want to complain but why couldn't it have been like the yeti chair event? The Yeti chair event was DOABLE. I could reroll for a part I wanted to make my chair look cool ( yes the yeti things were a pain to grind for too), not need to grind three days straight in order to get a wall color or some horns and the walls and horns won't even be the colors you want.

Just thought I would put my two cents in. I know it's a MINOR issue (compared to a LOT of other more painful gripes) but half of my joy on this game is OWNING CHAIRS.