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Transfer to Reboot

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edited October 2021 in Rants and Raves
Last time I played Maplestory, I didn't hate the cash shop changes I saw. But unfortunately, the thing is, I would rather play the Reboot world experience with just the meso grind, but I also want to transfer all of the cash items I have from my Zero character, which is very dear to me. I think my experience would be good if I could just transfer my character to the Reboot server. I would even be willing to pay money for it. But I have a feeling that will never happen due to server demands, and maybe even economically for Nexon. I can't see myself playing Maplestory on a regular server, but also not on Reboot with a lack of my particular cash items. I know this is picky, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. lol