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No respite from Kannas macroing

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edited October 2021 in General Chat
Night Troupe event in Henesys is here! Trying to train during this great exp event to reach Bernium or Hotel Arcus? Sucks for you!

There are Kanna bots all over Limina 1-4 and 1-5! I've reported them multiple times over the past week. And they are still there every hour of every day! Coming home to grind after reset? Kanna bots. Staying up late to try to grind? Kanna bots. Waking up early in the morning to try to grind? Kanna bots. Having a chill afternoon so you want to get some grinding in? Kanna bots. Got home earlier than usual and want to grind? KANNA BOTS. Literally unplayable.

There are a select few suspicious black-box-that-shall-not-be-named service sellers who will service these Kanna bots every hour of the day who seem to be in line with the Kannas always looking to find maps to set up a farming Kanna. The Kannas are as suspicious as they get: minimal funding (I guess everything is cheap though if you're making 500m/hr from Lv. 255-275), purposely waiting out runes until exp/drop debuff almost kicks in, no burning, many guildless, and no one having ever heard of or met these players before, among other things.

Personally idc what happens to those select few black-box-that-shall-not-be-named service sellers, they're just getting their mesos selling service unless they are the Kanna botters, but the Kannas make this game literally unplayable if you just reached Limina. The best training event is out right now and most of the 1-5 maps (10-15 channels) are taken up by farming macro Kannas like the ones described above. After cc-ing through all the channels, there's only ever 3-5 people legitimately training in 1-5 with any burning at all. Do something about these Kannas. There's always a Kanna botting issue every year and these bots are likely in part the cause for the meso rates tanking from 1:12 to 1:9 lately. Logging on to find a 1-5 map only to find a majority or all of the channels being used by Kanna farmers (reg servers btw if the black-box-that-shall-not-be-named didn't give it away) during the best training event is just straight up disheartening.


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    Is this what you're seeing?

    This ain't a bot. Sorry.