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Redesigning Storage Capbilities

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edited November 2021 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Recently, Nexon has brought back Heart Shaped Chocolates in the Cash Shop from 11/24-11/25. I have made a purchase of 215 hearts on a single character (Accidently purchased additional 87 hearts). Players are eligible in equipping 128 Heart Shaped Chocolates at a time as it reaches the maximum capacity for the CASH tab.

As a long term member of the Maplestory community, I strongly advise redesigning how Heart-Shaped Chocolates are being stored in our inventories. 10 Heart-Shaped Chocolates are visually converted into 1 larger heart. With this built in feature in game, I believe it would be more convenient for a player who has 10 hearts to be able to bundle them up as a singular entity within the CASH tab.

In this modern day and age, I feel Nexon should be more inclusive towards other communities. There are players that spend constantly to reach the top of the ladder but also players who value the cosmetic aspects of Maplestory. The community that I would like to speak upon is the player base that value 'absolute dominance'. I coined this term describing players that want to display superiority and excellence in certain areas of the game. I have some form of credibility in this field as I would strive to break boundaries and new discoveries within the game. For example, I am potentially the only player in GMS that has dropped their MapleFest Emblem in order to inform players of the safety and reassurance of Nexon's compensation system. Players want to display personal achievements and I think the first step that Nexon should take in reinforcing this is by allowing players to equip more Heart-Shaped Chocolates through bundling or expansion of the CASH tab.

Another topic that I wish to bring to light are how the Heart-Shaped Chocolates are displayed in game. Players with a sizable amount of hearts would see the distorted alignments of the hearts in game. Once reaching higher quantity of hearts in game, the hearts slowly shift to the right and would make it less appealing. As a suggestion, I would recommend centering the hearts and enabling players to equip more hearts so it would balance out in the long run. Leaving hearts the way they are will leave certain players to be more prone to cyberbullying. To give more context on this matter, it has been 5 days since my outstanding purchase of hearts. I have recorded 8 separate accounts of players in game telling me "wth is wrong with you". If Nexon is able to effectively redesign the function of the hearts then I'm sure the problem would alleviate itself over time. Taking initiative is the first step towards greatness. A little can go a long way! I hope you put this suggestion into consideration and look forward to hearing your input. If you guys feel the same way please feel free to comment your struggles with inventory limitations!

Best Regards,
Pure GMS