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[Lara] [Dragon Vein Reading] [Huntingfield]

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edited December 2021 in Bug Reporting
As stated in the title, I stumpled upon a huntingfield which refused to spawn Dragon Veins.

<Masteria> [Field Name: Krakian Jungle Scorched Altar]
-Edit- <Masteria> [Field Name: Krakian Jungle Sacrificial Altar]
Attempted workarounds:

- Remove Buff -> Reapply Buff = Not working
- Leave Map-> Re-enter Map = Not Working
- Change channel -> Not Working
- Relog into game -> Not Working
- Close Client to Login again -> Not Working

I will add more Fields when spoted

With best regards



  • ShuiLongShuiLong
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    edited December 2021
    I do not think dragon veins spawn in Afterlands as well.

    Edit: never mind, it works on Afterlands
  • LipFlareLipFlare
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    edited December 2021
    Global Maples Story-> EU
    Refusing Dragon Veins detected. Addition for the Epic-Blockbuter:

    Monad: The First Omen affected fields all WITH battles - some of them minibosses (marked by unline) , two of them Julieta-Substages (marked by written in bold)

    -Abrup Basin
    Windy Spot
    -Abrup Basin
    Windsnap River Bank

    -Abrup Basin
    Frozen River Center
    -Abrup Basin
    Onerous Trail
    Windsleep Forest Trap
    -Abrup Basin
    Cabin Front Porch*

    -Abrup Basin: Destroyed Skuas Castle Interior
    -Abrup Basin: Skuas Castle Tower ~[ Roof Fight Section]

    Please note, this was a reset-run for for the Julieta Bossfight in particular. I don't undergo this boss otherwise because of... Reasons. Point is: Bossfight only: Unconfirmed.
  • SheepMooSheepMoo
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    Just want to add that Threads of Fate story line has maps that does not spawn dragon veins either. One of the acts that you have to fight Giant Crows for Test of Anguish and the last boss battle Genkou.