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IGN Wrongfully Wiped

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in Tech Support
When logging into my account today, I noticed that my character's name was replaced with a string of numbers. It's been awhile since I was last on the account, but I was active in early 2021 before the name wipe happened so there's no reason it should be from that. I also have the authenticator set up for the account so no one would have been able to go into the account. Only the 1 character had it's name changed, none of the other 10+ characters had it happen to them. When taking with support, all they wanted to offer me was name change coupon. Obviously that does not fix the situation because I would like my original name back, since I've had it for years. Also, they are not telling me why it happened in the first place.

Has this happened to anyone else before, and if so, was it ever resolved?