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Frenzy Totem effect stays in map when caster leave

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edited January 14 in Bug Reporting
I have learned recently The Frenzy Totem effect staying in the map when caster leaves was a bug in TaiwanMS version, then they quickly fixed that. However, GMS has received the bugged version of it.

Step to reproduce: Have someone else in your map who holds the Frenzy Totem. This person casts the monolith skill to apply the spawn enhancer effect and leaves the map. The effect remains for the whole remaining duration since the cast.


  • JustinV2JustinV2
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    edited January 16
    What are you trying to accomplish?

    Are you trying to make it even harder for regular server players to gain access to frenzy service?

    I understand you're likely focusing on trying to get rid of illicit meso sellers in popular Limina maps but this is more harmful to the overall player base than beneficial.
  • StiffedStiffed
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    You wouldn't be saying the same thing if you didn't have a frenzy totem.
    Your point of view is biased as hell.