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Pet Story Contest

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Hiya Maplers!
An adventurer isn't without their trusty companion. The heroes of Maple World have had their story told, and now it's time for that of their pet! Write a story and share a screenshot to go along with it to tell your Pet Story. What mysteries and knowledge does your faithful companion hold?


How to Apply
1. Comment the following
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your photo contains the following:
- Screenshot of your character with your favorite MapleStory pet
- Special location
- A small fictional story about your pet
- Maximum of 500 words

Tips and Criteria
- Screenshot must be from in-game and we do not recommend edits.
- The perfect screenshot could help visualize your story.
- The story can be as wild as your imagination but also keep it appropriate.
- The hero is always glorified, but what about their companions?! What stories does your pet hold untold?

Judging Process
- MapleStory Community team will hold an internal vote to pick 3 winners and 5 honorable mentions.

3 Winners (1 for each theme)
- Toasted Taiyaki Mount
- Reading Chair
- Special themed Discord Role titled "Pet Master"

5 Honorary Mentions
- Onyx Apple Coupon x10
- Kino Pet (30 day)

Submission Dates
February 11th - February 28th at 10 AM PST


  • ChasteAngelChasteAngel
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    IGN: ChasteAngel
    World: Elysium

    Scarlett - Glory Story

    There once was a pet named Scarlett.
    She set forth on a journey to become a starlet.
    Within the Maple world, she chose first chose Khaini.
    She began to explore. Everything was so shiny.
    Every day, she grinded away, questing.
    No matter how hard it got, she kept going, without resting.
    As days, weeks, months passed, she never gave up,
    Scarlett did this, in order to save up.
    Mesos were the key in order to becoming famous.
    Her fans were cheering her on, “please entertain us!”
    Day by day, she kept farming.
    “Keep going, keep going!”, they said – they found her so charming.
    Suddenly, there was a shift, and Khaini merged with Broa.
    There were more people in every map, even in Showa.
    However, from Broa, there was another big star.
    Her now biggest rival, he was more popular by far!
    Scarlett had heard that his name was Squishy
    However, she found something fishy.
    Turns out, Squishy was a domesticated pink bean.
    “This cannot be!” she yelled – she was supposed to be queen.
    The competition was fierce, Squishy did not fight fair.
    He yelled at her, “Try me if you dare!”
    Scarlett was taken aback, for she did not see this coming
    She saw his actions and thought to herself, “oh, how unbecoming”.
    She decided to fight back since she wasn't a coward.
    However, she did not feel very empowered.
    The fans saw all the ugliness and there was a decline in their popularity.
    That is when both Scarlett and Squishy both had a moment of clarity.
    Squishy said, “I’m sorry, I did not mean to cause a scene.
    What I did, I realized, was very mean!”
    “All is well,” Scarlett replied, “I hope we can be friends.”
    And thus, Scarlett and Squishy had made amends.
    I hope you enjoyed this tale of Scarlett and didn’t find it too corny,
    If you did, then please just ignore me.
    It had to be shared, for it was a terrific story,
    Where Scarlett, the great star, has risen to her Glory.
  • EzrabellEzrabell
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    Hi Maplers! We are happy to announce the winners to our Pet Story Contest! Firstly, thank you everyone for your wonderful submissions! The community team and I had a blast reading through the stories you shared with us. Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for.. *drumroll*.. our winners are...

    ChasteAngel @cecilia#4411
    SebKuro @Rina#5383
    TrashRai @RaiBean#3677

    Congratulations to all the winners! Now, for our honorable mentions!
    Honorable Mentions
    LXCho @닭날개#1759
    Anjolie @jisoo ♡#1259
    xxWave604 @afk#5974

    Thank you, again, for all of the wonderful submissions and for taking the time to participate in this contest! It's been an absolute joy reading all of them. The creativity is definitely present! I'll reach out to all the winners for your prizes! Happy Mapling :HyperNeko: