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December 14, 1997


  • Ezrabell completed the I wonder... assignment.
    You used the search bar! No seriously, so many folks never even look there that it's worth having a badge just for this.
    September 29
  • Neocity_Traveler8
    Can someone please change the rules to allow discussion of Classic Maplestory? Because there are still people that like it
    June 25
  • Ezrabell completed the First Year assignment.
    You have been a registered member for an entire year!
    May 13
  • RustySpider
    I want to know why MagicBully was permanently banned.

    This is a guy who has spent 6 years building up his characters and invested an absolute mountain of work playing Maplestory. Why was he banned while AFKing in town?
    Why did it not occur to you that maybe, just maybe your anti-cheat software had some kind of error? Why couldn't you investigate further considering you were dealing with an account with so many hours logged?

    I was thinking about coming back to the game, but I just can't now. It makes me sick knowing MagicBully's hard work has seemingly all gone to waste on a whim.
    April 23
  • Ezrabell completed the Shhhhh assignment.
    You've sent a private message. Make sure to check your inbox for new messages!
    December 2021
  • Ezrabell completed the Happy Birthday! assignment.
    It's your birthday! We got you this badge! Also, if this is January 1st, Happy Birthday to 93% of you!
    December 2021
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    You've tagged another forum member by putting "@" in front of their name.
    August 2021
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    July 2021
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    May 2021
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    May 2021