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Roro/3rd fam slot quest never appeared

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edited February 25 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Missing quest? Glitched quest? Glitched quest notifier? My own idiocy? I have no idea.

Brief bug summary: I collected the 10 required badges to get access to my 3rd familiar slot. However, the quest hasn't showed up, even after several days and relogs etc.

More details: I've completed the other quests relating to familiars (Roro and Me, First Update, Function Report) and have use of 2 of my 3 familiar slots. I've tried going into the cash shop, going to world select, quick relog, I even stayed offline for over 24 hours. I tried unequipping and reequipping my badges, I tried clicking on Roro on my equipment window, I tried hiding and reopening the notifier icons on the right, I checked my quest window to see if it was there (it was not) and I even checked to see if I could forfeit a quest to get something to reset (I cannot). I searched high and low in my quest/event/daily notifiers even though I knew it wouldn't be there. I tried looking it up online, but there hasn't been anything similar to this in like 2 years and there's zero recent discussion of any issues anybody's had with Roro or familiars. I asked my guild and my alliance to no avail. Short of screaming my question to the heavens, I've tried basically everything I can think of. This is my last resort.

Steps to reproduce: -Get 10 familiar badges
-Roro's quest notifier icon doesn't appear on the left side of the screen, the only icons there are Dailies, Quests, Events, and Maple Rewards.

Character name: Allison

Character level: 242

Character job: Pathfinder

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: 23/02/2022, ~11PM EST

*Edit: I'm going to try tonight to get a few extra badges to see if that might trigger it. I thought of this possibility last night, and I seem to recall some of the people experiencing problems a couple years ago met with some success with that. I'll be editing this post again to report my results.

*Edit 2: Got an extra badge, no luck. Went into the cash shop, came out, quest showed up. No clue what happened there. It worked out.