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How to get Day of Nostalgia Hidden Mission chair

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In order to get the [Bouquet of Me ] chair first make sure you:

* Complete the last mission, mission 3 which rewards the floral NX hat.
* Exit the event map and wear the [Blossoming Flower] hat.
* Enter the event map without speaking to any spirits while wearing the hat.

Once you've done that, IN ORDER, talk to:
1) Tree Spirit
2) Rock Spirit
3) Spirit of Harmony
4) Wildflower Spirit

If you follow the above steps the Wildflower spirit will give you the chair coupon after talking to you. If you mess up the order exit the map and reenter and try again. You must be wearing the hat for this to work.

edit: you can get the chair on the same day you get the hat. The requirement is the hat because you need to be wearing it to get the chair.


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    oh wow thank you