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[Monad],[Julieta],[Boss][Post DESTINY]

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The Julieta Bossfight was stable before Destiny, now AGAIN it isn't anymore.
Some Errors/DCs I encountered so far. All phases will be covered

Phase one/ first screen: No problems all fine

Phase two/ second screen / Jump quest: Still, all good and according to plan.

Phase three/ third screen NOTE this phase is seperated in [Julieta facing right] and [Julieta facing left]
->Julieta facing right: All good no issues detected so far
After this phase things won't go as intended
->Julieta facing left:
CRITICAL ERROR= Reviving after dieing results in 99,9% of cases in a forced boot to the channel selection screen.
-Normal Tentacle Attack: No issues
-Rearing Tentacle Attack: Hitboxes are wrong resulting in In a guaranteed recieved hit

Phase four/ fourth screen:
CRITICAL ERROR= Reviving after dieing results in 99,9% of cases in a forced boot to the channel selection screen.
CRITICAL ERROR= Standing at the very left edge side of the map when julieta charges/has been charged results in a forced boot to the channel selection screen.
Normal Tentacle Attack: No issues BUT after the first charge of Julieta the hitboxes becomes buggy aswell!
-Rearing Tentacle Attack: Hitboxes are wrong resulting in In a guaranteed recieved hit

Phase five/ fifth screen: Untested
Best regards LipFlare


  • LipFlareLipFlare
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    Slightly but important correction:

    ANY attempted revive in .every. single. phase. results. in forced boot to channel selct screen!

    Succesfully dieing in phase 1, 2 and 5 also resulting in futile revive attempt. For science of course-
  • iamprustyiamprusty
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    Happening for me too. Julietta story mode. Any revives on the fight causes a boot to world selection and a lost run.
  • JerJer142JerJer142
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    Also having this issue. Tried using/not using buff freezers, as well as waiting out the death timer. Though I am only dying in any of the first 4 phases (never made it to 5th phase, past the long field). Even tried running with a friend, we both d/c no matter what (not when we die, only when we try to release). Hoping it gets fixed soon.

    Haven't tried any resurrect skills/spells yet.
  • 5ynth3s1s5ynth3s1s
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    This is happening to me too. Every time I die and click revive, it just disconnects from the game to world/channel selection and a pop-up window shows up with the message "unable to connect to game server".
  • KaziKazi
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    I'm experiencing the same issue with being kicked after any death as everyone else, but I also had two instances where Julietta failed to progress up the tower in the second stage. She would stall out right before getting to the top and then disappear and start climbing over and over again. I even tried jumping down and re-entering the portal with no success. This bug seems quite intermittent and I haven't found a specific way to reproduce it.
  • CascodiusCascodius
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    I'm having the same problem. I've been kicked the channel selection screen on every death I've had, regardless of what phase I'm in. Any word on a fix for this? It's super frustrating.
  • BackWAHdBackWAHd
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    Bump. I'm having the same issue. Any phase of Julieta if I die I get disconnected.

    The other thread is just complaining about the boss and got a moderator reply, so I hope that somebody from the moderation team or nexon staff can see this thread and relay the information. I've heard Julieta/Monad has been bugged for a while, but this is unplayable levels of bug.

    It would be really sad if only having one life for Julieta would become a bugged "feature" kind of like how the playerbase has just accepted that getting dc'd by Gollux if you don't kill the potatoes is a "feature."

    Along with the rearing tentacle attack you mentioned, the melee charge sometimes occurs without the text message popping up or Julieta even doing an animation. My character just gets oneshot and the boss's body goes past both me and whatever terrain I am standing on. This bug also triggers that "memory-leak"-esque bug where the boss health bar lingers to world selection screen.

    Also in phase 2 Julieta sometimes fails to climb up or resets back to the floor. And sometimes she glitches forward while sitting in place for a while, like how the lotus lasers glitch around. After taking the portal sometimes Julieta fails to climb to the very top, however jumping around or running around the platform usually remedies the issue. (although I think this is still a bug)